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A few days of rest


9am - woke up and got ready to head back to Naples. goodbye florence! you were hot and humid but i enjoyed walking around downtown and seeing all the statues, cobbled pathways and giant buildings! i will especially miss seeing the david and zeus statues.

10am - back on the road

1pm - stopped by to grab some snackies considering we havent eaten all day! i grabbed a crossaint and finally a magnum gold ice cream bar! it was delicious! the “gold” chocolate looked like paint and it was so thick!

3pm - welcome home naples! max and roxie were super excited to see us. they were running around everywhere.
- the rest of the day was spent unpacking, making filipino food, and just relaxing from all the trips
- not being up and about makes me feel uneasy… i just get the itch to do something. maybe its because im far from CA and in another country thats halfway around the world. i feel like im wasting a day that could be filled with adventures/explorations and instead im sitting on a swing in my sisters front yard typing my stories while watching max biting a piece of stick. yes its nice to relax but seeing all these vespas/mopeds/motorcycles go by and i cant help but feel like riding in one of them and having a crazy adventure. but i guess those only happen in the movies… -____-

dinner with kat and derrick’s friends donna and jared. they were the ones who looked after their house and doggies while we were gone. for some odd reason italians love to set off fireworks any day. so of course derrick had to set some off. roxie gets scared of fireworks, her safe haven is her kennel. thats where she hid. its funny how the neighbors in front of us started clapping and cheering at us for having set some fireworks off. i just dont get how they can enjoy fireworks so much…

afterwards lulu and i were gonna walk down the cafe thats 2doors down but i ended up helping derrick fix their internet connection problems. of course everything was in italian so i was fixing things blindley. luckily i managed to fix it and now their internet has been constant instead of going on and off

-------------- The next day

today was a relaxing day. derrick had to go back to work so us girls went to the naval base and explored/bought stuff. we went to Medici, its equivalent to an indoor mall with a supermarket. my mom bought a lot of wine…. i dont know how shes gonna be able to keep within the 50lbs limit of the check-in luggage…

when we got home we ate and later kat gave max and roxie a bath. apparently max enjoys taking baths. he looks so fluffy now…

--------------------The next day

the naples tour was pretty cool.

went to this fancy looking building and saw david again.

we went to this church that had underground ruins. it was like a 3 story building built underground. the first floor was when the greeks were living in naples. then the romans decided to build on top of that street and homes and so the 2nd story became roman streets and homes. then the current inhabitants (napoli-ans) built on top of the roman streets and homes. and thus came about the 3 story underground city.

other photos from the naples tour

it might have been the sun but i decided to hug this pillar bc it was super old. from 300bc

our tour guide took us to this mom&pop pizzeria where they sold pizzas for 1euro. it was soooo good and big and cheap! fried pizza!

i cant believe how narrow streets are from each other. its like you can literally see into your front neighbors house!

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Pisa and Florence

Pisa's Tower and Florence's Rooftops


6am - woke up, so earrrrrrly!

7am - left Germany, slept on the car. man, i miss my bed!

1pm - arrived in Pisa
- crazy vendors everywhere!!!
- sadly there was not much to see and do…
- the only thing is the leaning tower and after you have seen it, taken a photo of it, theres really nothing else but look at what the vendors are selling.
- we literally stayed for like 30mins and then looked at the vendors, bought some gelato bc it was SUPER hot and then left.

soooo funnnny!

2pm - left Pisa

330pm - arrived in Florence
- checked in to our hotel rool which was basically an apartment. it was pretty cozy. there were 2 rooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom. my favorite part was the balcony. they had the scariest elevator ever! it was soooo old and you can only fit 3 people with duffle bags at a time! and if you dared jump while its going up, im pretty sure the elevator wouldve crashed to the floor. yea, prettty scary

- after getting all settled, we all went to sleep! hahahaha yeaaaaa

- i tried to sleep but i just couldnt bc it was in the middle of the day. so instead i uploaded the photos to my laptop bc i needed to start going through allllll the photos!

6pm - kat and derrick decide to wake up and we 3 go to the market in search of food. we’re going to make use of the kitchen. =]
- we sorta got lost but we eventually found our way to the market and got some food.
- before heading back to the apt, we stopped by this dessert place and kat bought helllla dessert

8pm - by the time we got back, lulu and mom were awake, so we cooked dinner and then ate

9pm - left apartment and headed for downtown Florence
- first time riding a bus in europe! it was pretty cool. you have to buy your ticket elsewhere, derrick bought ours at the tabaccheri, im guessing tabacco store? and when you get on the bus they have these machines that stamp your ticket. lulu and i stamped ours. but i guess you dont have too if the bus driver doesnt tell you to, you can keep re-using it. we didnt know. -___- but youre supposed to stamp it. man, everything in italy is lax. no one cares how fast you drive, no one cares if you stamp your ticket or not.
- we got off at the top of this hill and there was this huuuuuge statue of david. it wasnt the real one but still!
Piazzale Michelangelo:

- the view from the top was pretty cool. you could see all the famous sites.

- we basically did a walking tour of downtown florence. we went to all the piazzas and the giant basillica. at one of the museums, there was some random guy singing and he had a big crowd just listening to him. the nightlife was alive! there were so many people out and about, it was crazy. it reminded me of when we were in Verona.

Ponte Vecchio

Duomo di Milano

Uffizi Gallery

The next day -----------

9am - woke up
10am - left the apartment
- headed for the main market
- bought some wine and more groceries for dinner that night
- bought some souvenirs
- super hot out
- saw a car show
- ate some gelato
- visited a park
- saw darth vader

430pm - came back to the apt
- uploaded some more photos
- napped
- made dinner
- packed
- watched a soccer game

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