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Da Nang Day 1


My flight from Hanoi to Da Nang was about an hour. Yea, I know, I'm not brave enough to take the bus/train yet. So for this vacation, I flew from city to city. .. I'll do better on my next vacation.

I had the hotel send me a taxi (still not used to traveling alone) and waited for it arrive. I should be used to it by now, but the shouting and aggressive way taxi drivers try to get you is still new to me. I'm glad I don't have to worry about that in Korea.

Checked in and decided to walk along the beach and just chill out. It was a nice day despite being a little overcast.

Hanoi was busy and kept me moving. Da Nang was where I took it easy and just sat at the beach and tried to see what the giant white statue was at the other end.

Managed to find a tour company somewhere amidst my long walk. I booked a tour for Hoi An for the next day. I eventually made it back to the street my hotel was in. Next door was a bar called The BillaBong Pub & Restaurant. I ordered the Aussie Pie. I figured since this was an Aussie pub/restaurant, their pies should be good right? It was delicious. Minced beef, mushy peas, tomato sauce and chips, you can't go wrong with that. Spent the rest of my time writing postcards while enjoying my pie and beer.

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CA 2011


Having been away from home for 6 months, I wasn't quite ready to come back for a visit just yet. But I had to come back for my sister's wedding. It was a great surprise seeing my friends at the airport. I thought it would just be my sister and cousin.

It was great seeing friends and catching up. Even though it was mostly me talking about my experiences so far, it was still great to be around them. It does get tiring having to re-tell the same stories though...

i finally met my friend's baby! we've known each other since we were 6 and now she's a mom!

The food! Especially milk tea and boba! For some reason, boba isn't that popular in Korea. I basically gorged myself in it. I was so happy to be eating anything and everything other than Korean.

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Rome and Vatican City

2 Extraordinary cities



This was the main place i wanted to go to. i wish we couldve stayed longer to enjoy the sights and to really appreciate it but i cant argue with being able to see pretty much everything! we took the train from Aversa to get to Rome.

the 1st thing we did after getting off the train was to find a double deck tour bus

the line to see the caravaggio was insane! i wanted to see it too but wasnt ready to waste half a day standing in line. good thing i saw that on the bus!

after the bus we got dropped off at the Convitto Nazionale Vittorio Emanuele 2ยบ. this building was pretty! it also has the tomb of the unknown soldiers

next stop on our self walking tour where i and kat were the tour guides was: what i thought was the spanish steps. but isnt. it was the basilica di santa maria in aracoeli

roman coliseum: where you can spot some 'roman soldiers' and take photos with them for a few euros. the line to get inside the coliseum was also pretty long

this was next to the coliseum. somewhat reminds me of the l'arc de triomphe in france

a map of the land that was under roman rule

roman forum and palantine hill right in the middle of the city: where excavations are still in process

picking our next destination

Cesar? Cesarean soldier?

Bernini's Fountain of the four rivers, piazza navona was one of the top piazza's i wanted to see

Castel Sant'Angelo: really wanted to see this after reading angels and demons

Vatican City

Saint Peter's Basilica and St. Peter's Square

lunch: mcdonald's on the streets of roma

mom doing 'as the romans do' which she shouldnt have done. needless to say: the next day, her tummy wasnt too happy...

Fontana di Trevi

Piazza di Spagna: where the REAL spanish steps are =]

other photos of buildings i dont know the names to...

after a looong day, we decided to take the bus tour one last time to get a view of everything we just saw. then headed back on the train to naples.

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